About Hasina Bellydance

Originally from South Africa, Hasina was born with dance in her blood, both of her parents being famous professional Ballroom dancers at the time. But the lure of the tango and the waltz soon lost its luster for her. Instead of following family tradition, she decided to study Speech and Drama, after which she moved on to take a Business Degree in Marketing Management. Since then, she has pursued a wide-ranging career in the arts and business in London, with jobs at the British Museum, Ernst and Young, Vue Entertainment and Associated British Foods. In the Hasina Belly Dance school, she has merged her skills and knowledge in order to pursue her true passion: spreading the art of belly dance. ‘My aim is not just to teach my students’, she says, ‘but to inspire them. To help them exceed their limits!’

Hasina’s approach to her teaching belly dancing is deeply influenced by her mother who was a respected Academic, Teacher of twenty years, Aromatherapist, Reflexologist and Reiki Master. An inspirational and robust woman of many talents. “Mum’s holistic approach to life – the way it encompasses health, fitness, mindfulness, healing and spirituality – has profoundly informed my own”, she explains; ‘When I dance, I can feel my heart synchronise with the beat of the drum; my soul reaching out to the world’’.  Warm, nurturing and attentive to all her students, she teaches them to follow both her and her mother’s example.