Belly Dance Classes London

The origins of Belly Dance are veiled in mystery with experts suggesting it is the oldest form of dance.

Largely forgotten, or relegated to the category of dying folk art in the 80s and 90s, it shot into global prominence when Shakira championed it in her music videos, in a dazzling display of flowing, sinuous movements and shimmies. The world was captivated, not only by its artistry, but by its inherent health benefits. Not only is it electrifying to watch, but it is one of the best low-impact work-outs there is; a means of improving posture, balance and co-ordination, not to mention a springboard towards poise and grace on the part of its students.

So, whether you see yourself as a wallflower or snaked-hipped diva, the school’s fun-filled classes will have your hips sashaying and your toes tapping; the calories burning away before you can say “shimmy”. Before you know it, you’ll be showing off your new moves to all and sundry.

Through regular attendance you will benefit from increased stamina, strength in your core muscles and improved flexibility, as well as some superb dance routines. Our format and lesson plan is innovative, target-driven and dynamic.

And don’t worry about having to splash out on harem pants and sequined bras – comfy clothes and non-slip shoes are all you need in the first instance. The sequins and sexy gear comes later, but only if you feel so inspired!

Our Student Ratings/Reviews

  • “Hasina is a great teacher who keeps things light and relaxed, always joking and smiling. The class is organised and structured with a chance to improvise your own style at the end so you can really let go and shimmy to your hearts content! Prepare to sweat!”

    Helen Elia

  • “I think Hasina is a born teacher! She makes her students feel so comfortable and confident with her naturally positive and outgoing personality. I have learned from Beginner level with her and what I have learnt has stuck! She is also loads of fun and that makes the classes very approachable.”

    Jennifer Sparks

  • “Hasina‘s class is super fun and she is a super cheerful person! She is super encouraging and the class will lift you up for sure! Belly dance is a great form of exercise for your body and mind. I thoroughly recommend the class!”

    Jiafeng Feng

  • “Hasina performed at my company Christmas party. I couldn’t have picked out a more talented dancer to run the show! The audience enjoyed all performances! I will definitely be booking her for another event soon. Thank you so much Hasina!”

    Meena Sedani

  • “Hasina is the best teacher ever! Amazing person, caring, dedicated and very professional! You can feel her passion during the classes and it is so contagious! If you want to learn and have fun at the same time, I really recommend joining her classes!”

    Naiane Serafin

  • “Hasina is very friendly, approachable and enthusiastic about her work always combining a fun element to her lesson plan. Her expertise will raise your confidence in no time! So, if like me, you already liked belly dance before then I’m sure you will love it after meet her!”

    Isabella Macedo

  • “Hasina is someone who is clearly passionate about what she does and lives and breathes her art! This really comes through in the way she teaches her class and her enthusiasm is contagious. Loved it!”

    Mo’azza Wadvalla

  • “Hasina has the most lovely smile and always bring joy to the class! Dancing with her has been absolutely brilliant!”

    Cecilia Wu

  • “Hasina is an amazing Belly Dance Teacher who is clearly an expert in her field. Thoroughly enjoyed the classes and felt like the Tutor paid attention to each student and was willing to stay back and answer questions and give advice etc. I certainly look forward to progressing even more with Hasina.”

    Amara Ahmed

  • “Hasina is an excellent teacher. She quickly makes you feel comfortable even if you are a Beginner by explaining the moves in a way that is very easy to understand. I highly recommend her classes!”

    Serena Rach

  • “Lovely experience every single time! The teacher has a good feeling for the group, breaks down the move in a very understandable way and gives the students an achievable goal with learning a routine over the length of the course.”

    Yvonne Mueller

  • “Hasina‘s bellydancing classes are so much fun! It is the one thing that I most look forward to every week! I really love it and I would recommend her classes to everyone and anyone!”

    Anna Yang

  • “Just one word: Amazing! I really enjoy every single moment of her lessons. An explosion of positive energy for both my body and my soul! I just can’t wait to join the next course!”

    Chiara Tartari

  • “Sexy & inspirational. Hasina can turn the most leaden raw material into the slinkiest mover; I speak from my own experience!”

    Sarah Jane Checkland

  • “Hasina always brings her big smile and good humour to class making us feel at ease. As a naturally shy person, this really made classes enjoyable. Classes are well organised, with time to concentrate on technique whilst learning and performing a routine that makes you feel ultra-feminine. She is attentive to everyone in her class and her passion for Belly Dance really shines through.”

    Mitra Schuster

  • “Hasina’s affable persona along with her dance technique makes the classes so enjoyable and exhilarating! We look forward to attending her belly dance classes each week.”

    Shalini Maharaj

Hasina Belly Dance Classes in London

Our syllabus and course structure has been developed to ensure you get the highest quality, most thorough and fast progressing learning experience possible within a supportive and relaxed environment.

Our job is to educate, inspire and encourage our students throughout their entire Belly Dance journey. We don’t hold back on all the secrets and tips so join in on the fun and sign up now!


Strengthen the core muscles whilst mastering a few Belly Dance moves, including a thorough breakdown of each move. In each class we will practice combinations and choreography which will enhance your muscle memory and lead you to becoming proficient in Belly Dance.


Learn to layer those basic belly dance moves while mastering more challenging and physically demanding techniques.

Suitable for those who have completed Beginner Belly Dance classes and are confident with the basics.


Boost your technique, polish your moves, and progress on to more complicated routines while starting to build your own unique belly dance repertoire. Ideal for students who have completed both Beginner Belly Dance classes and Intermediate Belly Dance lessons.

Hasina Belly Dance Instructor/Teacher Training Course 

Are you considering a new career change for 2018… Perhaps starting your own business part-time or full-time in 2018… Do you require more flexibility with your time or simply a second stream of income… If so, then this course is the ultimate investment for a rewarding career in the Arts and Fitness. Learn my successful method of teaching Belly Dance safely and professionally with the most in-depth and highest quality of training.

Nurture, inspire and build a strong community of Belly Dancers for generations to come… The reviews from my students are a testament to my successful teaching methods. Due to my professional approach, I have been selected to teach and perform for celebrities, London Mayors and global multinational firms such as Redbull. This is the best opportunity to share your talent and skills by making a positive contribution in uplifting, supporting and empowering women to be the best version of themselves.

This course is also suitable for established teachers who would like to deepen their knowledge or students who simply want to learn more. You will be provided with a certificate upon successful completion of the course.

Curriculum For Belly Dance Instructor Training:

1. Effective & Safe Warm Up – Cool Down Technique

2. Assessment & Correction of Postural Types

3. Musicality Training with a Live Arabic Percussionist

4. Course Planning and Class Structure

5. Breakdown Technique in a fun and engaging way

6. Creative Combinations & Choreography

7. Muscle Anatomy for Belly Dance

8. Health and Safety in the Studio

9. Customer Service and Support

10. Assessment: Theory Test, Practical Exam & Certification

Teacher Training Notes for all the above will be provided.

Dates and Time:

21st, 28th January, 4th, 11th February (Sundays – 11 am – 4 pm)

Venue: Central London

Private Tuition

For further information about private tuition, please visit our Private Belly Dance Tuition page.

 FAQS for Classes

For further information and answers to questions about our classes, please view our FAQs for Classes page.