Private Belly Dance Tuition

Private Belly Dance Tuition provides you with an opportunity to choose a venue, time and tailored belly dance lesson suited to your individual ability, whilst learning at your own pace in a private setting.

We also teach a fun and interactive belly dance lesson for Birthday Celebrations, Events and Hen/Henna parties getting the party started for your guests and livening up the scene!

Our Private Tuition sessions are suitable for all levels of experience from Absolute Beginners through to Advanced Students and Professional Dancers. The tuition can be held at your home or in a rented studio for individuals or for a small/big group. Maybe you have attended previous belly dance classes already and are now looking to refine your technique and progress to a professional level. We will teach you how to create your own choreographies and add stage presence to your routines, guiding you through your transition from semi-professional to professional providing the tools to equip you for the stage and beyond!

If you are thinking of teaching Belly Dance and would like to learn my successful method of teaching, we can train and mentor you towards a rewarding career as a Belly Dance Instructor providing the best Belly Dance Teacher Training London has to offer.

You will need a CD Player/Ipod Player or Bluetooth speakers at your home. The lesson usually lasts for about 45 minutes to an hour or 1 hour. The price of the private belly dancing tuition depends on your location and venue hire. If you prefer for the lesson to take place in a rented studio this will have to be booked separately by you. The studio hire fee is not included in our fee.

We highly recommend private belly dance tuition if you want to progress rapidly and hone your belly dance technique within a short, specific timeframe. It is also a winner for exclusive events and an opportunity to stand out from the crowd providing your guests with an enjoyable and unforgettable experience!